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35, female, Single

Uramas, United States

I'm very romantic and tender woman. I prefer thinking before I do something. The deceision to be registered on this site was also not spontaneously. I'm self-confident and friendly. I have some really good friends who make my life interesting and colorful. It would be nice if you will became a new friendm of mine.

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61, male, Divorced

Sa Cabaneta, Spain

I will make this brief and come back to it. I'm living in Mallorca for 12 years now. I have visited Greece a few times and if I leave Mallorca, Greece is the place that I would live.

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38, female, Single

Alexis, United States

I am very intelligent, energetic, loyal, respectful, positive, optimistic, romantic, caring, sensitive, compassionate, easy going, appreciative, monogamous, witty, friendly, sincere, articulate, understanding, straightforward, flexible, adaptable, hardworking and easy to please. Importantly, I have a good sense of humor and like to laugh. I am a one man woman . I do not do drugs, do not abuse alcohol and do not play head games , I've been gamed in the past and i'm still heretrying to trust in a man again,i'm looking for a man that will love me,take good care of me,someone i can grow old with,someone with a good sense of humor and more.I dont intend to spend more than a day or 2 on this dating web to get connected to whosoever i want to connect with so if you seem the person i'm looking for,feel free to send me a message and kindly let me know how to contact you outside this web.

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58, female, Separated

Evesham, United Kingdom

I do like to travel but so far Turkey and Greece are my furthest ventures.As i get older i have a desire to learn more about countries and their history..Have a fairly active local social life whenever i desire..Or when time allows..

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41, male, Single

Blue Ash, United States

Hi! I guess this is where I tell you about myself and what it is I'm looking for. I'm Jamaican for starters, but I've lived here in the US from the age of 9. I've obtained a degree in radiological technology early on in my academic career in the hopes that it would serve as a stepping stone towards me moving on to obtain my doctorate, but after a few years of working full time and going to school full time in order to pay for the furthering of my education, with a bachelors degree in cell biology, I finally gave in to the fact that acquiring this degree without any financial assistance at all was an impossibility. So I gave up half-way. However, at the moment I'm working on my bachelors degree in nursing and since my immigration status has changed I now qualify for scholarships, grants, and financial aid which makes completing my degree this time around relatively easier. I'm a fighter and I'm willing to fight for an ideal. A balanced life where I can raise a family in an ideal environment insulated from the less than ideal world in which we live. What I'm looking for via this dating sight is just a series of experiences. I'm a nursing student so to explain that let's just say I have no life while school is in session. However, when I'm on break I like to casual date, get to know people, enjoy my time away from school. I won't say that I'm looking for something serious I just want to take a woman I'm attracted out for an enjoyable night having dinner, a movie or what have you. I expect nothing; I demand nothing. I just look forward to a conversational exchanging of life experiences, goals, and dreams with a fellow human being.

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