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Partnership is something I need. I do well on my own, however I would do better with a partner. I understand why God said man should not live alone. I

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am happy from africa live in europe . I am not here to dream. The truth is I am here to find a partner who will connect with me both mentally and physically. I am here to discard the past and embrace a journey of love that will lead to spiritual and physical harmony. My goals are simple. I want to love, to be happy and have a harmony. I just want to walk the rest of my life hand in hand with a woman who wants achieve all these things together. I think that love is more than just saying the words 'I love you' to someone, it takes commitment and trust. I am a good listener and think that it is better to give then receive. I will never take my partner for granted. I am affectionate, loving and caring person. I will always appreciate my partner and contribute to the relationship. if you have interest more to know me when we get to know i think i have much to say about me more .Thanks for stop bye god be with you .
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